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Mathematics is the cornerstone to a solid educational foundation and one of the most important skills a child will need to develop.

Mathematics by TeachMe is a free mobile application that tests mathematics in over 500 different ways. Content is organized into skills and difficulty levels, as students progress the application will suggest new difficulty levels as well as other areas of mathematics to explore. Detailed progress reports are created for users that can be shared between students and teachers/parents for a full interactive learning experience.

TeachMe is committed to the democratization of high quality, affordable educational content and is actively looking for grants / funding to allow for full localization of our content - this includes language translations as well as curriculum matching with national standards. Interested organizations please contact us.

Mathematics by TeachMe (TeachMe, Free Basics) is a feature rich, highly optimized mobile application that provides hundreds of different ways to practice mathematics with over 1 million unique questions.

The application is available exclusively through Facebooks Internet.Org platform and is being rolled out to over 80 countries world-wide.

Math Games combines interactive skill testing questions with addictive games to cover the full range of mathematics skills, taking practice through play to an entirely new level!

Educators have access to progress reports, individualized learning plans, and student management tools to facilitate truly innovative digital learning. Over 80 million questions have been answered by almost 900,000 Students and counting.

TeachMe was founded in 2012 with the simple goal of creating high quality, affordable educational content. Our team felt the advancements in social media, gaming, video and virtually every area of our digital lives had largely overlooked educational products. To making learning a great experience and keep students engaged we knew this had to change.

TeachMe products capture students attention, they practice longer, more often and this results in vast gains in skill retention. We say Practice Makes Permanent!

Our product approach allows us to deliver educational content regardless of platform, device or even medium from our central curriculum source. In plain-speak this means whatever TeachMe product you use, your progress, skill suggestions, assignments are all accessible on the entire TeachMe platform. It results in a seamless learning environment were digital products can be utilized and inter-changed based on individual preference.

We are active in the edu-tech community, frequently speak at industry events and local meetups. Details of our upcoming events, as well as previous news on TeachMe can be found here. If you would like us to speak at a future event please contact us, we'd be happy to share what we are working on!

TeachMe has offices in Canada and the United States and works with developers around the world to create innovative ways to make amazing digital content.

When developers, educators, students and parents work together, really good things happen. We'd love to hear from you!

TeachMe - Mathematics